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Aggregometer Accessories

Our accessories have the quality and precision to deliver accurate, repeatable results needed when performing precise measurements using our state of the art platelet aggregation equipment. When your clinical and research testing demands the best – accessories from Bio/Data Corporation measure up.

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A New Way to Monitor Light Transmission Aggregometers (LTA)

The Companion Software to the LTA Check™✓  Performance Monitoring Test Kit.

PAP-4 Series, Serial # 71104 and above

PAP-8E, Set of 10 (2 of each size)

7.25 x 55mm, Siliconized (Micro)

8.75 x 50mm, Siliconized (Macro)

25 / Tube, 2 Tubes / Package

25 / Tube, 2 Tubes / Package

Stir Bars & Test Tubes In One!

Preventive maintenance increases instrument reliability, minimizes downtime and assures performance to published specifications. Loaner analyzers are available to the customer without a rental fee...

Tele-Check ✓ is a calibration verification service performed over the phone while the aggregometer remains in your laborotory.

Platelet Function Profiler, PAP-8E Extended 1 year warranty.

Platelet Function Profiler, PAP-8E Extended 2 year warranty.

Platelet Function Profiler, PAP-8E Extended 3 year warranty.

GraphPad Prism® is a powerful combination of biostatistics, curve fitting and scientific graphing in one comprehensive program.

For use with the PAP-8E.