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With our extensive experience and knowledge about platelet function testing, Bio/Data Corporation has pioneered (LTA) Light Transmission Aggregometry for use in clinical settings. Beginning in 1974, Bio/Data Corporation developed and enhanced numerous aggregometer models. The PAP-8E, our current state of the art platelet aggregometer, is PC-controlled, offers 8 channels with standard micro-volumes, provides touch screen operation, procedure templates, and generates von Willebrand Factor (vWF), multipoint standard reference curves with ease.

To enhance the overall speed of sample preparation, our innovative PDQ®, Platelet Function Centrifuge is the ideal companion for the PAP-8E, platelet aggregometer. Validated specifically for platelet aggregation, it provides standardized, repeatable samples of PRP in 30 seconds, PPP in 120 seconds, and PFP in 180 seconds.

Together, the PAP-8E, platelet aggregometer and the PDQ, Platelet Function Centrifuge can provide test results in less time than it takes for other LTA or whole blood systems.

C/N 106075 (Domestic), C/N 106077 (Export) The PAP-8E is a PC-controlled, 8 channel Platelet Aggregometer. The touch screen operation, on-screen procedure templates, and test menu make the PAP-8E easy to use...

The new PDQ, Platelet Function Centrifuge, dedicated solely to the standardization of platelet sample preparation, reduces process time to five minutes...